In July 2021 Phil moved to Spain with his Spanish wife Sofia who had been offered a job in her native country. Happy to embrace new opportunities, Phil set about establishing a business which allowed him to combine his organising skills with love for sports and outdoor living.  

In his (limited) spare time, he enjoys a bit of creative writing, with 4 self published novels so far to his name (details below).

Peter and the Electric Overlords
(April 2021)

When Covid-19 strikes, eight year old Peter thinks he is the only person who knows the truth behind the crisis and the lockdown which follows. But the challenge behind Peter’s discovery is larger and more formidable than he could ever have imagined, and it is only through help from an unusual quarter that Peter can begin to save the world from the horrible fate which awaits it.

Phil says of the book, “Written largely from the perspective of a child, this book was another departure for me, and although it is the shortest of all my books, it has taken me the longest to write, given the 'funny' year that lockdown was. But I look forward to what people think about my latest effort.

Peter and the Electric Overlords (Kindle) (£0.99)

Peter and the Electric Overlords (Paperback) (£4.99)

A Flower In Spring
(May 2020)

Unfulfilled in her life as a middle class housewife, a chance encounter in a wood gives Andrea the chance to free herself and play out her desires.

But is the other exactly who he claims to be, and why does he place a time limit on their relationship? Follow Andrea, as she fulfils herself in her passions, then starts to lose herself in questions which she struggles to answer, but which could prove vital to her very survival…

Phil says of the book, “This book is a complete departure from the previous two in all aspects, but gave me the chance to 'have a bit of fun', as indeed does the main character."

A Flower in Spring Paperback: (£6.12)

A Flower in Spring Kindle E Book: (£0.99)


The Helmet of Achilles 
(December 2019)

Phil's second self published novel is set at the heights of the Byzantine empire, when emperor Justinian is seeking to rediscover the glories of the Roman Empire, using the empire's greatest general, Belisarius, to do his dirty work. Into all this comes Valerius, Belisarius' best friend, but also lover of Helena, who he seeks to be reunited with in marriage. But the scheming empress Theodora, and Belisarius' jealous wife Antonina have different plans for Valerius...

The Helmet of Achilles Paperback: (£7.99)

The Helmet of Achilles Kindle E Book: (£1.99)

Gold In The South
(December 2018)

In December 2018 Phil self published his first novel, Gold In The South. Searching for a new direction in life, Martin Clarke returns home, only to find himself embroiled in a series of events which will see him become obsessed with solving a four hundred year old mystery. The solving of the mystery will take Martin deep into civil war torn Spain, putting his own life in danger and threatening to destroy a town on the banks of the Guadalquavir river.

Phil says of the book, “Like many people, I’d always wanted to write a book, but events and the daily grind had always conspired against me. Then, somewhat unexpectedly, I had a couple of months in which the pressures of having to earn a living were taken away from me, thus giving me a window of opportunity to get some lines down on paper. Gold in the South is the result of that.

The book is inspired by the things which interest me and make me enjoy a book. So, it’s a book with a sprinkling of history and knowledge that I hope leaves people thinking that they’ve learned about something they might not have known previously. But above all I’ve tried to create a book whose plot keeps a reader turning the pages. I’ll leave it to readers to judge if I’ve achieved that.”

To order a copy of the book go to Gold in the South:

Gold in the South Amazon Paperback - (£5.99)

Gold in the South Kindle E Book: (£1.99)